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A lot of my work is very spontaneous and I really enjoy the freedom this gives me.  I very often start the creative process with a title in mind, rather than an idea of a design or image and I have many titles yet to develop. The process invariably begins with cleaning my palette, sharpening my tools and pencils and rearranging my paper and having a good think – and this is how the process begins.

I make a mark on a piece of canvas or a sheet of paper and let it develop.  With specific commissions however, the process is naturally different.  If asked to replicate an old master for example, I will do hours of research and am ‘contained’ within a particular size of image and mediums used; but I still love this kind of work and thoroughly enjoy the process of identifying the specific method, colours and glazing that would have been used, not to mention how the paint was applied.  I become obsessed with the detail – and this is true of all my work.  Even pieces that look quite ‘free’ will have a calculated method of composition.  Composition is not a conscious thing, but a subconscious thing.  I was told that I had an extreme understanding of composition even as a very young child, and this has certainly stood me in good stead ever since.